Advanced Rollers, Springers, Aerials
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2 hour gymnastic classes. Must pass required beginner classes to qualify.

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  • Advanced Rollers, Springers, Aerials

    ADVANCED ROLLERS, SPRINGERS, AERIALS (Girls)-  Pre Registration is required.  No Drop Ins  (Coaches are unable to payment at the gym)KIPS is for students in grades K – 6.Classes are divided according to age and skill level:“Rollers” is the beginning level, “Advanced Rollers” is advancedbeginners, “Springers” – intermediate; and “Aerials”– advanced.Elementary students in 3:20 p.m. classes may take the designated bus over to the high school.Designated bus # will be announced. A note is required to teacher and bus driver.Children must be pre registered prior to attending class.  If a child does not appear on the roster, they will not be allowed to participate.  Roster's are printed at least 1 hour prior to class start time.Where:Watertown-Mayer High School Gymnastics Gymnasium (located in the WMHS Auxiliary Gym).