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  • ACT Preparatory Courses

    Advantage Preparatory Courses - ACT Advantage Educational Programs provide an introduction to the ACT format and strategies for answering questions as well as instruction for the specific subject areas to be tested on the ACT College Entrance Exam. This 12-hour prep course is designed for students who wish to improve their test-taking skills and overall score on the ACT. Focal points of the program include diagnostic testing, science reasoning, math review and strategies, reading comprehension improvement, English strategies, writing essays, overcoming test anxiety, and time management. In addition, students who register for this course may repeat the course in future offerings, at no additional charge. The tuition for the ACT prep course is $140. Please bring notebook paper, pencils, calculator, and a small 3-ring binder or folder to class.For further information, please call Advantage Educational Programs at 612-222-5108, or visit their website at www.AdvantagePrep.net to view a complete schedule of all classes in Minnesota. For test site information or to register for the ACT exam, visit the ACT website at www.ACTstudent.org or call (319) 337-1270. 
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    BABYSITTING & CHILD SAFETY INSTRUCTION AGE 11 & UPBoys and girls age 11+ learn skill training and information necessary in caring for infants and children in the American Health and Safety Institute accredited program. This program will teach the importance of responsibility, recognizing and emergency, emergency action steps, personal safety, fire and water safety, infant/child basic care, and also, responding to an unconscious victim, CPR, choking management, and basic first aid. Upon successful completion, participants will earn the American Health and Safety Institute Child and Babysitting Safety certification card. Please bring a pen, paper, snack and beverage.

    CONEY ISLAND CANOE AGE 8+Soak up the fall colors while exploring the beautiful Lake Waconia. If construction conditions allow, we will disembark on Coney Island for a short informational tour before paddling back to the main land. If not, we will paddle around the island instead! All equipment and paddling instruction will be provided. This program is in partnership with Carver County Parks.

    INDOOR YOUTH ARCHERY SERIES AGE 8-14Experience all the fun of summertime archery in November, without the worry of weather! Students will be introduced to the basics of archery by trained Carver County Parks Department instructors. Through fun games and experiential learning, participants will learn range safety and proper techniques for stance, aim, and release to become consistent archers. Students will get the opportunity to shoot compound & recurve bows at various target styles in an indoor archery range each day of the series.
  • TAE KWON DO - AGE 7 & UP

    TAE KWON DO – AGE 7 & UP (Advertise in youth and adult section if room)Participants of all ages can benefit from this traditional Korean martial art. This is a great class for parent and child. No previous athletic experience is required. Our class offers students a well rounded training program to develop mind, body and spirit. Along with the physical and mental benefits of training, students will learn effective self defense techniques, develop self confidence, discipline, fitness and total health. Please wear comfortable clothing. Uniforms and gear can be purchased through the instructor. The instructor is Brian Lyle. He is a 5th degree black belt in taekwondo and a first degree black belt in Hapkido. Master Lyle has been training and teaching at Quantum Martial Arts With Master Frederick Baker for the last 15 years

    YOUTH TRAVELING ARCHERY SERIES AGE 8-14This archery class is an opportunity for all ages and abilities to try something new! This program meets at a different park for each session and utilizes the NASP (National Archery in the Schools Program) curriculum and format. Participants can enhance their skills further if they’ve already been introduced to archery or begin their archery journey for the first time! Commands, signals, techniques and shooting challenges are all part of the program. This class will be taught by an instructor from Carver County Parks and all equipment will be provided. This program is offered in partnership with Carver County Parks.LOCATIONS:Lake Waconia Regional Park, W-M Primary School, & Baylor Park