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    BABYSITTING SAFETY INSTRUCTION AGE 11 & UP Boys and girls age 11+ learn skill training and information necessary in caring for infants and children in the American Health and Safety Institute accredited program. This program will teach the importance of responsibility, recognizing an emergency, emergency action steps, personal safety, fire and water safety, infant/child basic care, responding to an unconscious victim, CPR, choking management, and basic first aid. Upon successful completion, participants will earn a babysitting safety certification card. Please bring a pen, paper, snack and beverage.

    CONEY ISLAND CANOE AGE10+ Hop into a canoe and explore the historical Coney Island guided by Carver County Park’s instructors and learn about its rich history! No paddling experience needed! Find out the truth about local legends and archaeological findings while walking under the shade of beautiful old maple trees. All equipment provided. Participants must be ages 10+; youth must register and participate with an adult. Each individual must sign up and pay the fee. This program is offered in partnership with Carver County Parks.

    INDOOR YOUTH ARCHERY SERIES AGE 8-14 Experience all the fun of summertime archery in November, without the worry of weather! Students will be introduced to the basics of archery by trained Carver County Parks Department instructors. Through fun games and experiential learning, participants will learn range safety and proper techniques for stance, aim, and release to become consistent archers. Students will get the opportunity to shoot compound & recurve bows at various target styles in an indoor archery range each day of the series.

    Online ACT Preparatory Course This course is an excellent alternative for any student unable to attend in-school classes or for a student preferring to prepare for the ACT exam on their own, and study at their desired pace. Once enrolled, students are sent an access code for their class via email and can begin preparing on or after the starting date of July 21st. The fee for this course is $60, and you may repeat the course at no charge until you graduate from high school.
  • SAFE KIDS 101

    SAFE KIDS 101 Does your child ages 8-12 want to stay home alone after school? Get your children trained with Safe Kids 101 and both of you will feel more confident about their safety at home and in the community. This program is a fun way of learning important safety principles for emergencies your children could come across while home alone. Please indicate any food allergies while registering. Topics include: answering the door or the telephone, basic first aid, burns, wounds and bandaging, poisonings, choking emergencies, storm and fire emergency training, dog emergencies, stranger danger, as well as fun, safe activities to do while home alone. Create fun, healthy – safe snacks!