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Early Childhood (ECFE)
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About Early Childhood (ECFE)


What is Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE)

ECFE is a unique parent-child education program for ALL families with children ages birth to kindergarten. Weekly classes have three parts:

Learning Together

In the children’s classroom, parents and children have time to play and learn together. You can choose from many planned activities designed just for you and your child. Learn new ideas for activities to do at home. (This time together is planned by a licensed early childhood teacher.)

Purposeful Play for Children

Children enjoy learning activities planned by a licensed early childhood teacher. Activities are designed for children to learn through play with their peers. The goal is to help children develop a healthy self-concept and a love for learning.

Connecting With Others

While children are learning with their teachers, parents join together in an informal group setting for a discussion time led by a parent educator. The group discusses current family topics; they share ideas, learn more about their child’s development and benefit from feeling connected to parents.


Fun, affordable classes for families with children birth to five years old

Daytime and evening classes

Quality time with your child

A great place to meet other families with children the same age

Parent support and information

Fun learning activities for your child

Lasting friendships

Sliding fee classes

ECFE classes are located at the W-M Community Learning Center 313 Angel Ave NW. Enter Door #4 for day classes and Door # 3 for evening class. All classes are held in room 203 Parent Ed and room 204 ECFE Classroom. 

There are no Early Childhood (ECFE) courses available for registration.