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Classroom Driver's Education
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About Classroom Driver's Education
This is the Classroom portion of driver's education. We do not offer a Behind the Wheel program.

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    This course will offer instruction in all areas of content needed for the driving task and driving related issues. This program meets the MN State required 30 hours of classroom instruction. A certificate of completion of Classroom Driver Education will be distributed at the end of the class. The Certificate of Completion must be submitted as proof of completion of class when you register for a Behind the Wheel program. Please note each class is 3.25 hours(includes a 15 minute break). A make up day is available by attending a class in a nearby community. Behind the Wheel Instruction After the completion of the classroom instruction, students may register with any Behind the Wheel Driver's Education Program of their choice. There is an additional cost for Behind the Wheel. Students will receive a blue card from the Behind the Wheel instructor, which will enable them to take the written permit test at the state exam station. Registration for Behind the Wheel instruction is required before taking the written permit exam. Ages 14+ (must be 15 to take written test)