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    Kolaches are one of Czechoslovakia’s national pastries. Immigrants brought their passion (and recipes) for kolaches to the Midwest as early as the 1860’s. Kolaches are marvelous egg-rich, slightly sweet yeast dough. Traditionally filled with fruit mixtures such as apricot, cottage cheese, poppy seed or prune: they can be shaped in small round, square “tied packages”, or filled turnovers. We will make variations in class and taste samples. Plan to take home an assortment to share with family, friends, or to freeze. You will also leave with many recipes, tips and techniques to master these Old World delicacies. Better than the bakery!

    ESSENTIAL OIL 105- SUMMER USES/NEEDS FOR ESSENTIAL OILS Essential Oils have so many uses in Summer! In this class I will discuss ways to use Essential Oils for Summertime Yummies (DIY popsicles, slushies), itchy watery eyes- scratchy throat-sneezing issues, addiction & hangovers, energy & stress, spring cleaning ideas, weight control, pest control, easy sunscreen recipes, & more. My family and I have been using these products since 2010 & have created a whole new healthy lifestyle that I’d like to share (and ways to reduce toxic chemical use)… We have experienced Essential Oil’s very beneficial properties. Come join me to learn, Welcome!

    MAGNIFICENT MUFFINS & POPOVERS Serve freshly baked breads in less than an hour. Whether for a memorable weekend breakfast, brunch, teatime, to accompany a salad/soup or for another occasion, hot-from-your-oven breads are wonderful. Muffins (and their larger-size quick breads) may be sweet or savory. Adjust the baking time (less than 30 minutes) for muffins and less than an hour for quick breads with a single recipe to yield both! We’ll feature remarkable recipes to taste in class and take home. PLUS tips, techniques and equipment to ensure success every time. Recipes include: Blueberry, Cinnamon Crunch, Bran-corn, Dried Cherry, Fresh Ginger, Golden Raisin, Maple Sour Cream, Sliced Fresh Lemon, plus Flavored Butters and a variety of Glazed /Toppings