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    KRUMKAKE, PIZZELLE, SANDBAKKELSE & ROSETTES- 4 FAMOUS COOKIES Learn to create the rolled Norwegian cookie, krumkake, made with cream, butter and cinnamon or vanilla flavored. Like krumkakes, Italian pizzelles are also baked on the top of the stove using an iron but are a flat, anise-flavored cookie that may also be flavored with vanilla. The chewy, almond Swedish sandbakkelse are delicate golden brown in color and are baked in tiny tins to remsemble tarts. Finally, you will master deep-fried rosettes: those exceedingly fragile, paper thin Scandinavian delicacies dusted with confectioner's sugar. From this class of four famous ethnic cookies, you can expect great recipes, plus the many tips and techniques that will make your baking a great success! You will take samples home so make sure to bring containers with you.
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