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    NEW DIGITAL PARENT EDUCATION CLASSES!  REGISTER FOR EACH CLASS INDIVIDUALLYEach digital class will provide a self-paced 15 minute powerpoint course followed by an online 30-45 minute discussion in a private and secure online forum. An ECFE parent educator will facilitate the private discussion allowing parents to ask questions and/or offer feedback on the class topic. Once registered, with in a week, you will receive a link to the powerpoint. The Parent Educator will also set up at time and the portal to connect with your family for the discussion. MINDFULLNESS IN PARENTINGAre you overwhelmed with diapers to be changed, food to be prepared, worries about whether you’re doing it right? Are you trying to find balance amount the distractions of meetings, responsibilities and social media? Are you struggling to find a way through all the frustrating moments and be a parent who is there for your child, no matter what? In this class you will learn what mindfulness is, how to use in the midst of parenting, and mindfulness activities to practice when parenting becomes overwhelming and stressful.1018-F11 session / $8OVERINDULGENCE IN KIDS We are living in a time where there is a New Normal-overindulgence. It is easy to give and do too much for children because the pressures to do so are everywhere! Does your child struggle with a need for immediate gratification, disrespectful attitude, helplessness, or not following the boundaries you have set. Join us for digital learning on what is overindulgence, the 3 ways parents overindulge, how to determine if you are overindulging your child and how you can counter overindulgence.1018-F21 session / $8RESPECTFUL PARENTING Have you ever felt defeated by the task of parenting your young toddler or preschooler? Navigating big emotions in a way that leaves your child feeling loved and cared for can be one of our greatest parenting challenges. Our children are not out to get us, they are not behaving badly on purpose. Our children are asking for attention, struggling with wanting to be in charge, unable to manage their big emotions and are in need of direction, boundaries and understanding. Come learn effective and respectful ways of communicating with your children. You will learn developmentally appropriate approaches that will have a positive and lasting effect on your child’s behavior and how you parent.1018-F31 session / $8