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    NEW DIGITAL PARENT EDUCATION CLASSES! REGISTER FOR EACH CLASS INDIVIDUALLY Each digital class will provide a self-paced 15 minute powerpoint course followed by an online 30-45 minute discussion in a private and secure online forum. An ECFE parent educator will facilitate the private discussion allowing parents to ask questions and/or offer feedback on the class topic. Once registered, with in a week, you will receive a link to the powerpoint. The Parent Educator will also set up at time and the portal to connect with your family for the discussion. GROWTH MINDSET Learning over performance - progress over perfection - practice over mastery. Growth mindset helps your child develop into lifelong learners who take on challenges and learn, rather than crumble in the face of them. In this class you will learn what a growth mindset is, how to help develop a growth mindset in your child, and ways to encourage this in very practical ways. A growth mindset leads to more success in school and in life. Come learn how to instill this new mindset in your child. 1018- W2 Wed, Feb 19: Release Powerpoint Mon, Feb 24: 8:30-9:30 pm − Digital Discussion 1 session/$8 COOPERATE MORE, TANTRUM LESS Are you struggling with tantrums, meltdowns, and children who won’t cooperate? Come join us as we discuss what is happening within your child’s brain during these moments, how you can help them manage their big emotions, and how to engage them in more cooperation in a fun developmental way. We will discuss typical examples of these moments and very practical strategies to help you acknowledge your child’s feelings in a respectful way and help them move out of their tantrum and into positive emotional development. 1018- W3 Wed, Mar 13: Released Powerpoint Mon, Mar 18: 8:30-9:30 pm − Digital Discussion 1 session/$8 SIBLING RIVALRY “He hit me!”, “She hit me first!”, “That’s mine!”, “It’s not fair!” If you are a parent of multiple children you know that navigating the relationship between your children can be challenging and exhausting. In this class we will challenge the idea that constant, unpleasant conflict is natural and unavoidable. We will discuss the roles that siblings play, how to intervene helpfully when siblings fight, and how to help foster better sibling relationships. 1018- W1 Wed Apr 22: Released Powerpoint Mon Apr 27: 8:30-9:30 pm − Digital Discussion 1 session/$8