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    BALLROOM DANCE- LATIN-BEGINNER This all time favorite class offers a perfect overview of popular Latin Dances. The Rumba will have side breaking steps and a slow quick- quick count. The Cha Cha and Salsa will have cross-turns and the Sweetheart! The American Tango will get you dancing Promenades and the Medio Corte and more! Couples please. Call Victor at 651-414-1590 with any questions.

    CALM AND GENTLE YOGA This yoga class will be a combination of gentle flow yoga and restorative yoga. Class will be held on Sundays so you can get a fresh start to your week. This class will provide a safe, effective, and compassionate atmosphere, in a non-competitive environment that is welcoming to all. Please come to relax, restore, and rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit. Yoga mats, blocks, blankets, and bolsters can be provided. You are welcome to bring your own equipment if desired. Alisa began practicing yoga over 15 years ago, and discovered it was a beneficial way to slow down in a busy world. Alisa completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training in June 2020.

    COUNTRY 2 STEP This all time favorite dance is back! Learn the two-step, three-step, and the swing, all with a bit of country! You’ll master the exciting and fun under arm turns, the wraps, and the corner steps. Dance is the most fun way to exercise. Wear comfortable shoes. This class is for couples or pairs only, so grab a friend and sign up today! Teens are welcome to register with an accompanying adult. Make sure to wear good shoes, no flip flops and bring water. Please contact the instructor with questions: Victor 651-414-1590.
  • Line Dancing for Beginners

    LINE DANCING FOR BEGINNERS This class is perfect for singles and couples, and all levels of experience. Learn the Tush Push, Four Corners, 16 Step Polka, Swingin’ Line Dance, and the Scoot as well as others. Amaze even yourself at what you can do with some expert instruction, swingin’ music and a room full of folks who came out to have fun! Open to adults and teens registered with an accompanying adult. Instructor: Victor Albrecht

    MORNING GENTLE YOGA Each class we will strengthen and stretch all parts of the body. Gentle yoga moves at a slow enough pace to customize each posture to your body. Hannah will help each participant figure out what works best taking into consideration any joint concerns or injuries. In the same vein, if you prefer a more physically demanding class, Hannah will offer suggestions to increase the intensity as desired. Bring a yoga mat, water, and a yoga block and strap if you have one. Mon only: $125 Mon & Wed: $225 Punch Card (5 classes): $50 Drop-In: $15

    NIGHTCLUB 2 STEP No Partners needed, Open to all, Adults, Kids, Teens, Seniors…This class will offer dance patterns and “moves” that will be usable in small spaces: night clubs, parties, weddings and more. Various under arm turns and cross turns for both dancers are easily done. Leads and following are encouraged for smooth execution of the dance. Various past “old-time dances” will be taught. Make sure to wear good shoes, no flip flops and bring water. Please contact the instructor with questions: Victor 651-414-1590.

    TOTAL BODY MIXER This 45-minute express class will provide a total body workout! Participants can expect a combination of strength moves and cardio moves in each class, but we will mix it up each week. Students will experience various formats of fitness week to week including: Barre, Strength Circuits, Kickboxing, HIIT training, Kettlebells, and more! Total Body Mix is a great way to switch up your workout routine and de-stress midweek! Bring a water bottle, and be ready to sweat! NOTE: PUNCH CARD PURCHASE CAN BE USED ON TOTAL BODY MIXER AND YOGA FLOW

    YOGA FLOW This hour-long class will help build strength, flexibility, and stamina. A typical class starts with a basic sequence at a slower pace to become comfortable with the postures. Throughout the class, students will have an opportunity to build on that sequence eventually ending with a “flow” feeling of moving from pose to pose with inhales and exhales. Yoga Flow combines mindfulness and movement. Each week Hannah will encourage participants to not only take care of their physical health but also take mental wellness into consideration. This is an all levels class where you will be able to increase or decrease intensity to fit your needs. Bring a yoga mat, water, and a yoga block and strap if you have one. Note: Punch card purchases may be used in both Yoga Flow & Total Body Mixer