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We provide syndication of most of the information on this site. We provide RSS, Atom, and iCalendar feeds.

RSS and Atom feeds provide updates about content that can be downloaded by software such as Apple Mail, Microsoft Outlook, NewsFire, Lotus Notes, Firefox, and Safari.

iCalendar feeds provide updates in a calendar format that can be downloaded by software such as Apple Mail, Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar, and Lotus Notes.

Feeds with a bullet require an email and password.

List of Feeds

  • New courses Rss Atom
  • Popular courses Rss Atom
  • All ECFE courses Rss Atom
    • Ecfe (Early Childhood Family Education) Rss Atom
      • Babies & Toddlers Rss Atom
      • Daddy & Me Fun Rss Atom
      • Parent Education Rss Atom
      • Special Events Rss Atom
      • Summer Fun With Ecfe Rss Atom
      • Twos & Preschoolers Rss Atom
  • All courses Rss Atom
    • Adult Enrichment Rss Atom
      • Aarp Rss Atom
      • Adult Culinary Adventures Rss Atom
      • Adult Fitness Rss Atom
      • Adult Get Aways Rss Atom
        • Baylor Bonanza Rss Atom
      • Adult Lunch/Kids' Company Rss Atom
      • Adult Safety & Healthy Living Rss Atom
      • Aquatics Rss Atom
        • American Red Cross Rss Atom
        • Swimming Lessons Rss Atom
          • Preschool Level 1 Swimming Rss Atom
        • Water Exercise Class Rss Atom
        • Watertown Area Swim Kids Wask Rss Atom
          • Wask Meet Rss Atom
      • Rails To Trails Race Rss Atom
    • Kips Gymnastics Rss Atom
      • Advanced Rollers, Springers, Aerials Rss Atom
      • Maga Rss Atom
      • Preschool Kips Rss Atom
      • Rollers & Advanced Rollers Rss Atom
    • Youth Enrichment Rss Atom
      • Classroom Driver's Education Rss Atom
      • Kids' Company Field Trip Rss Atom
      • Youth Art & Creativity Rss Atom
      • Youth Music & Drama Rss Atom
      • Youth Recreation & Academic Enrichment Rss Atom
        • Family Stand Up Paddleboard Age 6 + Rss Atom
      • Youth Stem(Science, Technology, Engineering, And Math) Rss Atom
    • Youth Sports Camp Rss Atom
      • Free Tennis Play Day In Watertown Age 4 11 Rss Atom
      • Summer Sports Camps Rss Atom
        • Royal Girls Basketball Camp Rss Atom