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    MINI ROYALS 2.5 YEARS - 5 YEARSA unique blend of parent-child time and peer group interaction offering an introductory preschool experience. Fall session starts with a Monday parent/child day, an optional Wednesday child- only day will be added for winter and spring sessions.Parents and children will have fun with a variety of activities-art,learning games, reading, science, pretend play and more. After a short circle time, children will stay with the licensed Early Childhood Teacher. They will enjoy learning experiences, including opportunities to share and relate to friends their own age. During the connecting with parent’s time, the parent educator will provide resources and guide discussions on child development, parenting techniques and current topics concerning families today.

    TERRIFIC TWOS Let your two year old take the lead during this peer group experience. Parents and children will have fun enjoying music, movement and many learning activities together! Parent connection time will include discussions about child development, parenting techniques and current issues concerning families today. (Bring along any “security” item to make your child feel more comfortable during separation time.)